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Process & How It Works


Our primary focus is placing a caregiver who meets your requirements. To achieve this we have adopted the following protocol:

  1. We will initially verbally discuss and assess your requirements with you.
  2. We will then propose a solution and estimate costs, where after all documentation will be sent to you for detailed completion and acceptance. As you will see we do not ask our patients to commit to long term arrangements.
  3. From the completed documentation we then make a professional assessment of the scenario and develop an appropriate service level agreement
  4. In accordance with the brief, we will source a suitably qualified and experienced Caregiver
  5. In conjunction with the family, we will regularly reassess the client’s needs and adjust the service accordingly.


Operating Times

Options available

  • 3 days / week
  • Monday to Friday
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Monday to Sunday
  • 24 hour care – double shifts or live-in
  • Temporary post hospital care

Quality of care preserves the right of dignity

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